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Homeowner's & Personal Property

Your home is most likely one of your largest, if not the largest, investments that you will make in your lifetime.  For that reason, it is extremely important to make sure that your home is properly protected.  Your standard homeowner's insurance policy typically includes coverage for the following:

  • Broad coverage for damage to your home.
  • Coverage for other permanent structures on your property.
  • Damage to personal property from specified perils located in your home and additional structures.
  • Limited coverage for stolen valuables such as jewelry and firearms (for greater coverage, a separate floater should be placed or added to your policy).
  • Personal liability exposures from owning a home.
  • Additional living expenses that may be incurred due to a covered loss at your home.

Policy Conditions That Deserve Added Attention

  • All Other Perils & Windstorm Deductibles
  • Causes of Loss
  • Valuation of Personal Property
  • Animal Liability
  • Coverage for High Valued Items
  • Flood Exclusion, Is Flood Coverage Desired?